Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Five Dollar a Day Challenge - Day 4

While the blackout was great fun (and the hangover was not) - there was an unintended consequence that put a bit more challenge into my menu.  All of my perishables became untrustworthy....and this was a real burden!  I had some left over chicken and blue corn posole, broccoli mac and cheese, spiced potatoes, and other odds and ends that would have been turned into a couple of really nice meals!  Well, they were all gone.  In the morning, I had no yummy leftovers for lunch.  I keep a big jar of home made instant oatmeal at my desk (it is easy to make with quick oats, raisins, cinnamon and sugar and powdered milk) and that was good enough to keep me going through the morning, but when lunchtime hit.....I caved. 

30 minutes later (thanks for losing my order McDumbasses) I had 20 nuggets and two spongebread and beef sandwiches, slathered with ketchup and mustard and laced with one thin, warm pickle.  Total cost - $7.  I didnt feel too bad about the cost, since I spent no money the day before during the blackout - but I did feel a bit sad that all I got for that money was a pile of empty calories.  McPoop.

For dinner, I salvaged what was left in my freezer - a box of pork breakfast sausages and half a bag of frozen mixed vegetables, and combined that with a can of tomato puree that was buried in the larder to make somekind of "Mulligan Sauce".  I used a bag of thick rice stick noodles and pretended that it was fettucini.  The dish resembled something that was Italian, but really, it was nothing more than an "impasta" masquerading as real food.  I didnt care for it too much, but it was better than my McLunch - and Bonnie gave it at least one weak nom, so.......we live to eat another day.

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