Friday, September 9, 2011

The Five Dollar a Day Challenge - Day 2

Day two was really a winner, as I served up a couple of dishes that really went well together.  I did my shopping at Ralph's, admittedly, a rather expensive store.  I think that you can get much more out of your dollar if you shop around for things, and I will do this in the future to see how it goes, but since this supermarket was next to the video store, and my movies were two days late, I decided to try it out.  I really didn't get all that much for my money, but I planned on using some of the leftovers that were in my fridge and larder to supplement the meal.  I bought a red onion, 8oz of shredded Mexican cheese, and a broccoli crown.  It came out to a little over $4.  I shredded up two old chicken breasts, mixed it with some diced red onion and rolled it up with the cheese in some lightly fried tortillas that were on the verge of getting moldy.  This was then covered in green enchilada sauce, topped with cheese and popped into the hot oven.  To accompany this, I cooked a box of generic brand shells and cheese, and added the steamed broccoli crown.  The result was a match made in heaven!  And there was a ton of leftovers for lunch the next day!  Bonnie seemed to agree with this dish, and promptly cleaned her plate. 

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