Monday, March 16, 2009

I like potato chips

I dont want to turn this account into a food review page, but I had to say something about these potato chips that I am snacking on. I guess that they are a twist on an old favorite, but anyway, these yogurt and green onion chips are making me very happy right now. I am about 4 pages into my report on religion, ethnicity, and violent civil war, and it is already past 1am. I have an accounting final in the morning, and I am debating on whether or not I should just sleep on the couch in the student lounge. I mean, I have everything that I could possibly need right here on campus. I have food, because I brought my hot dog rolling machine and enough hot dogs to keep me alive for two weeks. I have a toothbrush, and if I have to, I can take a shower at the gym. Yeah, I may end up here for the night. I am reluctant to go home because I am afraid that I may end up sleeping in. I have had this bad habit of turning off my alarm when it goes off in my sleep. I dont know how my body learned that trick, but it did. I guess that I am also a bit nervous about confronting my roomate right now, considering the fact that I just told him that he has 30 days to scram. Ah, life. Good chips.

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