Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bologna and Cheese Tortilla Scramble

Things have gotten pretty bad over at Chateau du Brockman, and lunchtime today presented a real challenge thanks to a rather dismal financial outlook and a fridge that was stocked with only an old package of meat bologna, a few eggs, one onion, some tortillas, American cheese slices, and fresh salsa. Is it humanly possible to create something edible while not spending any extra cash, using only these ingredients? I dare say so! I do not feel the need to give out the recipe as I am pretty sure that no mortal would attempt to re create this, but I have to show you the end result. Much to my surprise, it worked out rather well, and I actually enjoyed this...much more than you might think. The key was to cut the bologna, onion, and tortilla into thin strips and toast them all together until the tortillas were nice and crisp and the bologna was browned. This gives the scramble a nice texture. Then, the eggs bound it all together. Topped with the cheese and salsa, dare I say.....cest magnifique? OK, maybe not....but it beat the pants off a yuck meal #3 from the local fast place, and I cleaned my plate. Don't laugh.

Food Economics:

Eggs - $1.99 dz = ($0.498 for 3)
Fresh Salsa - 16oz tub $2.99 = ($0.186 1oz)
Corn Tortillas - 30ct $1.49 = ($0.149 for 3)
Large Sweet Onion - 1 $0.75 = ($0.093 for 1/8)
2% Cheese Slices - $2.79 12oz = ($0.349 for 2 slices)
Bologna - $0.99 16oz *on sale! = ($0.186 for 3 slices)

Grand Total = $1.46

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